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What we actually do?

 We specialize in renting commercial space, privet office, House of worship, spas, beauty & nail salon, Etc. We have competitive low rates starting at $250.00 per month along with various sizes and prices to fit your specific needs.


All our properties have free wi-fi, round the clock surveillance, are fully air conditioned and accessible to our tenants and their guest 24/72365

       Electricity and utilities are included in most locations. We welcome all community services, House of worship, tax offices, hairdressers & estheticians, attorneys, accountants, non-profits, Real estate &medical office etc. Our locations offer free Conference Room use.



Every single unit at our properties is registered With governmental agencies,

the post office and web browsers with are own address and mailbox.

No C.A.M. charges. NO CREDIT CHECK

further information.

Call our main office at




to apply or request

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Our properties are located at
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